Doctor Who: Listen (S8 Ep 4)

“Question: Why do we talk out loud when we know we’re alone? Conjecture: Because we know we’re not. Evolution perfects survival skills…” This question and observation begin the 4th episode of Season 8 of Doctor Who, Listen. Well… …actually, Listen begins with the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) meditating cross-legged on top of the TARDIS as it […]

Doctor Who: Listen

Robot of Sherwood

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood (S8 Ep 3)

The Doctor doesn’t believe in legendary heroes. This week, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) gives Clara (Jenna Coleman) the choice of where to go — anywhere she wants. And we discover that Clara is a bit of a fan-girl: She wants to meet Robin Hood. But the Doctor immediately tries to shoot down the idea. Robin […]

The Beasts of Tarzan

The Beasts of Tarzan was originally serialized in 1914, and was published as his third novel in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan series in 1916. (The Serialization Thing will come up again, later…) Like the previous sequel, this book picks up (more or less) where the last leaves off. Two years have passed since Tarzan carried […]

Beasts of Tarzan (1)

Edda Moser

Living Treasures

In Japan, there is a designation given that is “Living National Treasure” (人間国宝 Ningen Kokuhō) and it is given to those people who are cited as being “Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties.” (Yes, I’m quoting Wikipedia here.)   This designation when given to an individual signifies someone who has attained high mastery of their art or […]

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek (S8 Ep 2)

What an episode! Into the Dalek starts off with a Lieutenant Journey Blue of the Combined Alliance Resistance (Zawe Ashton) HURTLING through asteroids, chased by a giant gold saucer firing continuously at her ship! Her co-pilot is unconscious and non-responsive. She is screaming into her comm system for “Aristotle”, her base, to do something to […]

DW - Into the Dalek

DW - Deep Breath

Doctor Who: Deep Breath (S8 Ep 1)

The 12th Doctor has arrived! After a surprise teaser in the 50th Anniversary episode Day of the Doctor and the regeneration scene at the end of “Time of the Doctor”, we finally get to properly meet Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in the first episode of Season 8, Deep Breath! More or less. Traditionally, regeneration tends to leave […]

Butterflies are Free @ Stage Door

The Stage Door Theatre in Coral Springs is currently presenting Butterflies are Free by Leonard Gershe. Originally produced on Broadway in 1969 and made into a film starring Goldie Hawn a few years later in 1972, Butterflies are Free is something of a chestnut. Having had only one New York production, it has found its way into […]

Britt Michael Gordon as Don Baker (Photo by George Wentzler)

Classic Doctor Who: The Aztecs

Classic Doctor Who #1 -The Aztecs

The Aztecs originally aired May-June, 1964. It was the 6th serial of the First Season of Doctor Who. The Doctor was still traveling with his first crew, consisting of his granddaughter Susan Foreman, her history teacher Barbara Wright, and her science teacher Ian Chesterton. Wiliam Hartnel’s Doctor may be a bit of a shock to […]

Jessye Norman Stand Up Straight and Sing

If the world of opera can said to have ‘superstars’ then Jessye Norman would assuredly be one of them.  Her professional career, spanning over 45 years at this point with no end in sight, has been nothing short of amazing.  Now, at the young age of 69, La Norman has decided to publish her memoirs. […]

Jessye Norman's autobiography

Classic Doctor Who on Netflix

Classic Doctor Who – An Overview

Whenever we revisit the origins of art (particularly Pop Art that’s 50 years old), there is the inescapable fact that we’re dealing with artifacts from a bygone era. We can either accept the primitive tools and notions the past generations were working with and within, and allow those idiosyncrasies to inform our appreciation of the […]